Bring home the blessings of silver pair of Laxmi Ganesha, combined with a handcrafted Egyptian candle and set of 2 tea light stands made exclusively by visually impaired artists with utter perfection and finesse. 

The attractive multicolored paper tray is made up of rolled-up thin strips of the newspaper by the blind artisans to further carve them into masterpieces. They are light weight, strong and sturdy trays can be also used as wall decor beautifying  your abode.

The attractive earthen Zari Dori wrapped tea light stands will add a spark to your celebration and bring a smile to the blind artisan.


An ideal gift to send to your friends totally made by Blind and disabled artisans to bring a smile to the receivers.


Designed by the expert designer Ms. Seerat Narindar.

Puja Thali Set

Excluding Taxes