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The newspaper products are made by using discarded paper, rolled into pencil strips. These strips are then coloured and dried. This follows an intricate job of turning them around carefully while sticking to the base. By rolling and pasting they give desired shapes converting them to attractive pen stands, coasters, multipurpose boxes.

A beautiful blue, navy blue, and yellow handcrafted box
About Our Leather
A rakhi hamper with handcrafted rakhis and a box


The Rakhis are designed using attractive, colourful quilling papers. The women roll the thin strips of quilling paper to carve them into shapes like droplets, buds, circles and many more.

The string dori is handwoven and attached to the base and finally the Rakhi is brightened up by adding the decorations on top


The Earthen Diyas that illuminates every corner of your homes during Diwali is also handcrafted by the blind women of the Centre.


With their apt hands, the blind women decorate the raw earthen lamp by wrapping the zari strings all over the Diya adding a spark to it. There are a variety of options available in this category which includes Matka Diya with stand, t-light candle stands and single diya.

beautifully lighted dori earthen diya
pink potli


The ethnic Potlis were never out of fashion. Be it for gifting during marriages and festivals or simply carrying as an accessory, potlis are girl’s friends.


The visually impaired and women with disabilities make beautifully embellished potlis made of clothes or tissue. The potlis come in different sizes prints and patterns.


Jewelleries always enhance the beauty of any woman. Add a trinket to your ensemble by wearing the wide range of handmade designer jewellery collections made by visually impaired women.


These pieces of jewellery are made up of wooden beads, quilling papers, or reused newspaper strips. The collections include attractive ear danglers, bracelets and neckpieces

metallic earrings


Everyone loves to beautify their nest which reflects their character and persona.


The blind women use their aesthetic taste along with their skills to create several home decor items made up of eco-friendly recycled newspapers or jute that can simply add a shiny spot in your abode.  You can find gorgeous wall hangings, jute charms, frames and many more items.


Fresh  from  Oven

mathri baked by blind women


Cookies are made independently the blind women of the Centre. The cookies contain nutritious oats, wheat floor nuts which are absolutely healthy and preservative-free. Besides being healthy they are also savoring making it a perfect combination with your morning tea or evening snacks.

baked goods by blind women


There is a wide range of Bakery Items available, that are made by the blind women of the Centre. Yes! the blind women efficiently bake and make marble cake, vanilla orange cake, chocolate cake, Danish apple cake to name a few. They also bake oven fresh soft fluffy & healthy wheat breads

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