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About NAB India Centre for Blind Women

The NAB India Centre for Blind Women & Disability Studies has the vision to empower and rehabilitate visually impaired women across the country.


Poverty and blindness make women both social & family outcasts, deeply vulnerable, and in a state of deprivation. We provide training to such visually impaired women to impart skills that help them lead a life of dignity and socio-economic independence. ​


Since the establishment of the NAB India Centre for Blind Women & Disability Studies in the year 2002, the Centre has impacted the lives of over 14000 blind women by upskilling them. 


Women from across the country and neighboring countries walk into the Centre to get trained with a hope to reshape their life and prepare themselves for the tough world out there. 

2 blind women making the decorations of christmas
4 women laughing together and making handicrafts


Ujjwala is a social enterprise where visually impaired women create eco-friendly handicrafts for sale. It enables the women to sustain their livelihoods, makes them feel empowered, and gives them hope and smiles.   


The women are trained on a wide range of products such as jewellery, decorative earthen diyas and lamps, rakhis, newspaper products such as coasters, pen holders, trays, jute wall hangings, and other home décor products.  


The pieces of training are not confined to the four walls of the Centre but also reaches to the communities where the unemployed unskilled yet highly ambitious persons with disabilities wait for an opportunity. The team trains them on the products to make them sales-ready, enabling them to support their family with the earnings alongside boosts the production for sales.

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